Lead Genius

Turn Visitors into Revenue

Lead Genius accomplishes what your landing pages, website, opt-in forms, or chat bots may have struggled to achieve. Most people convert 2% of website visitors. With our software you can now uncover the other 98%. With Lead Genius, you gain comprehensive insights into your customers, including details like age, income, and marital status, alongside a double-verified email for precise remarketing opportunities.

Upon visitors reaching your website, you acquire all the necessary information not only to reengage them and boost sales but also to craft your “ideal customer” profile for present and future online or offline content. Bid farewell to the uncertainty of “who is interested in your offerings.” Lead Genius provides a clear understanding of your target audience, enabling you to tailor your marketing efforts and, in turn, reduce customer acquisition costs. This innovative tool removes the guesswork, allowing you to save money on acquiring new customers and optimize your marketing budget. Furthermore, for email marketing enthusiasts, Lead Genius becomes an invaluable asset, elevating the effectiveness of your campaigns.

To clarify, Lead Genius is a powerful tool that can complement or completely replace any lead generation tool you have. Lead Genius will allow you to not only catch them while they are hot but also know exactly how you can help them. Website Ninja, is your back up in case you do not convert them while they are on your site. Imagine the influence you will have when you’re able to send an email to a website visitor immediately after they left your website with a special offer to get them back!

  • For every 1000 visitors collect between 300-400 warm leads!
  • Drive more traffic and sales by setting up automation that triggers emails based on customer behavior from our platform.  We’ll tell your email marketing system, CRM, Direct Mail, and Custom Audience platform who the prospect is, what pages they visited and how much time they spent.  Then you can deliver personalized emails, direct mail, and custom audiences based on their buying behavior.  Keep your brand front of mind until the point of purchase.
  • Crazy easy way to build your email list with people that already took interest in your company!
  • 30x or more your email list
  • Inspire Customer action in the moment
  • CAN-SPAM compliant and double verified email addresses
  • Start collecting leads in 10 minutes after set up
  • Set up takes 5 Minutes – it is so easy a 61 year old farmer can do it. We know this from experience 😉

Learn more here: https://leadgeniusai.co/